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Public Safety Messaging Shared in a New Way

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Back off - give me space – the grizzly mask emphasizes that wildlife need space. It is our responsibility to give them the space – at least 100m for carnivores and 30 m for ungulates. Humans need space too. Fall is here and bears are feeding intensely with winter approaching. Elk rutting season has begun so male elk are particularly protective of female elk. Animals need space. 

Leave no trace – this pika mask is so sassy and shares the message to never leave food or garbage on trails, in picnic areas or at campgrounds. Packing out what you pack in. This includes fruit scraps like orange peels and plum pits. Of course, Fido’s feces need to be packed out and tossed in a garbage can. Let’s keep wildlife wild!

Love your dog, leash your dog – this wolf mask reminds dog owners that dogs must be on-leash in the mountain parks. It is the law. It is extremely unsafe for wildlife, dogs and humans for dogs to be running around. Let’s always adhere to the laws and warnings so we can all enjoy the mountains.

Keep our water clean – the fish mask highlights that we need to keep our water clean. This includes never littering, peeing, cleaning dishes, etc. in any of our water bodies. Pollutants can disrupt fish health and many backcountry campers pump this water for drinking.

Baa-aa-ack off – this sheep mask is a play on words to give animals space. Agitated animal behavior is an indicator that you are getting too close. It may not be the best time for a picture/selfie. Time to move on.

Respect my home – the deer mask highlights all the safety messaging. Respecting the environment were these animals, big or small, live, mate and thrive is critical to their survival.

Our food is not their food - this squirrel mask highlights that we should never feed wildlife! Animals that gain access to food sources can lose their natural fear of people, which increases the possibility of human-wildlife conflict. For bears and wolves, this sadly may result in end of life and for other animals, they struggle when the food source is no longer available in the winter.

These masks are available to the public through Ruckasdesign for your safety and to help improve human-wildlife coexistence!

Does your role include public awareness or public engagement? Let's connect.

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