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You want balance among people, programs, projects and profit. Sustainability is key. Striking that balance can be difficult. coRoc can help.

About Us

coRoc works with organizations on sustainable, implementable solutions through internal and external engagement. Combining strategic guidance, systems thinking and innovation, coRoc serves in program creation and engagement.


Supporting organizations results in:

• Risk reduction - reputational, safety, and regulatory.

• Sustainability - alignment to ESG/CSR.

• Applicability internally and externally.

• Better discussions leading to stronger relationships.

• Outside perspective uncovering blind spots and possible cost savings.

• Achieving objectives more effectively by connecting people and processes.


coRoc’s flexible team approach leverages fit-for-project expertise, allowing us to deliver cost-effective solutions.


Collaboration, community, and connection - to create a rock-solid foundation to overcome your challenges.

Why work with us?

coRoc provides a fresh perspective and renewed energy.

Is there alignment with your team’s/organization’s purpose?  If not, this is the perfect starting point – an authentic purpose.  From there, continue to develop and execute the strategy.  You can count on coRoc's experience for strategic planning.

You might have the idea but not the capacity to move it forward. coRoc can help create momentum. Or it may be reviewing a program to look for efficiencies. coRoc provides extensive and practical experience as a program architect.


Some people think public awareness is easy – it’s not.  Safety and changing behaviours related to safety is complex.   coRoc’s proven ability to develop and measure effective public awareness programs can help you.

​Sometimes conversations are tough.  Have you found yourself in a situation where you wish the other person would ‘just get it’?  Making complex information understandable is not easy yet it underpins strong engagement - internally and externally. Look to coRoc to be your bridge; its IAP2 specialist(s) can assist with your stakeholder engagement.

​And sometimes, you may need an extra body to enhance team effectiveness.  Count on Coral as an interim leader.

Who we are

Coral Lukaniuk, principal with coRoc, brings the positive energy one feels on a blue-sky day to support her clients. Her career of over 25 years, evolving from technical to strategic, is fueled by possibilities and opportunities where others see challenges. Coral, an internationally published author and speaker, uniquely combines engagement expertise with engineering experience.  She is recognized for professionalism and timeliness in meeting clients’ needs.

​Credentials: Professional Engineer and certificates in Inclusive Leadership, Indigenous Canada, Partnership Brokering, Public Participation, Strategic Leadership, Project Management and Management Essentials

Most current:  With the changing landscape, Coral took a course to learn the models to facilitate hybrid meetings. She’s also developing and facilitating workshops for post-secondary students.


Team approach

Coral, the primary consultant, will supplement internal expertise with other consultants as needed. This collaborative, flexible team approach leverages fit-for-project expertise, allowing us to deliver cost effective solutions.  This may include marketing, mailing, market research, and communications. 

coRoc brings bring extensive business, engagement and engineering experience to clients.

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