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Our Services

coRoc’s unique ability to connect people and processes enables an organization to meet objectives effectively. Our broad experience provides value as we can support you in facilitation, planning, program/project management, public awareness/engagement and operations.


Strategic Planning

With a defined collaborative strategy, there’s clarity; when there’s clarity, people are more connected.  Whether it’s for the organization, program or project, we work with you to define the purpose, goals, values and measures of success to create impact. The purpose provides the meaning, and the goals provide the direction. We layer in risk management so no one is blindsided.  With you, we create plans where people see themselves and are excited about implementing. 


Internal and External Engagement

Engagement starts with listening to generate a deeper understanding and learning from each other. We work with you to determine the level of engagement and outcomes for your program or project.  We help bridge when there are diverse perspectives and artfully work through complexities.  We create effective education programs to increase public awareness to change behaviour.



When it comes to program and project management, we believe people play a critical role in success. We connect the dots in fit-for-purpose solutions by uniquely combining practical engagement expertise and technical experience. We take your vision and collaboratively move this vision through to implementation, developing programs with proven scalable methodologies.

Programs and processes are more successful when people are aligned with the overall direction and values.

In all we do, we facilitate.  We believe time is precious in this everchanging world where we frequently adapt. So with that, honouring people is powerful in receiving valuable contributions from all attendees. Whether it is a workshop or meeting, for it to be meaningful, it needs a purpose, or it is simply gathering. Facilitation is in the details where we focus on planning, delivering and following up. 

We offer workshops in project management, risk management, managing multiple priorities and effective and inclusive meetings.

Research Team

"Coral is skilled and passionate in resolving critical challenges. She seeks to bring together diverse parties to find common ground. She brings with her years of experience, strong facilitation skills, and she is a quick learner. She is highly respectful but also not afraid to insert her wisdom as appropriate. In short, she is a pleasure to get to work with."

J. Hilty, President and Chief Scientist

Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative

Why us?

We collaborate and Customize for success.

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