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coRoc’s unique ability to connect people and processes enables an organization to meet objectives more effectively. Whether you’re a small, local business or a multinational corporation, we can help you reach new levels of success. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what our team can do for you.

Virtual Team Meeting

Strategic planning

We work with you to define purpose, goals, outcomes, measures of success and values to create impact.


  • Facilitating (online or in-person) for-profit and non-profit teams.

  • Guiding the development of the strategic foundation and roles and responsibilities.

  • Co-creating tools for implementation.

  • Working with all levels of the organization.

Program management

We take your vision and collaboratively move this vision through to implementation. 


  • Developing programs with proven, scalable methodologies.

  • Integrating structure, processes, templates, and implementation tools.

  • Assessing programs, including processes seeking improvement.

  • Meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements as applicable.

  • Connecting programs and people for effectiveness.

Writing on Sticky Notes

Public awareness

With you, we develop effective education programs to change behaviour. 


  • Taking complex information and translating it in a way that is understandable by the audience.

  • Planning includes identifying issue(s), outcomes, methods to educate best, defined benefits for all parties to create sustainable change.

  • Measuring and evaluating effectiveness.

  • Reviewing ongoing programs for improvements.


We listen, ensuring internal and external engagement is authentically delivering meaningful results.


  • Facilitating (online or in-person) drawing upon IAP2 techniques and experience.

  • Understanding your project to integrate engagement, internal and external, navigating the complexities.

  • Engagement planning includes scoping and risk analysis plus enabling inclusion with the audience, whether in communities, with the affected or the general public, with emergency responders, or in the organization.

  • Reporting ‘what we heard’ through documenting and evaluating.

Support Group
Organizing Data

Interim Leader

We enhance team effectiveness by supporting you until you find your permanent leader.


  • Clearing the path for team members so they can be the best in their roles.

  • Fostering and coaching for empowerment aligned with team and organizational goals.

  • Writing or guiding the team in writing annual plans and budgets.

  • Cultivating a culture of continuous improvement to be effective and efficient while maintaining relationships.

  • Working with all levels, from boots on the ground to senior leaders.

For more complex challenges, coRoc varies its team with subject matter experts. 

You know how you feel on a blue-sky day – that’s what coRoc Solutions brings to your organization.

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