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Engage and energize people toward solid solutions. 

We bring a powerful blend of engineering thinking and extensive engagement experience.

Bridging diverse perspectives

We are passionate about supporting you in aligning purpose, people and process, and we achieve this passion by seeking and bridging diverse perspectives for better outcomes.


We facilitate strategy and alignment on complex issues through meaningful conversations and action. 

How we can help you

we strategize

We ensure there's a purpose-driven foundation in place supported by values. 

we engage

we align

People are at the core of engagement where benefit or compromise is achieved.

We connect people, breaking down barriers.

We offer workshops in project management, risk management, managing multiple priorities and effective and inclusive meetings. Donihee, Former Fighter Pilot,

Executive Leader, Catalyst for Change

"While Coral has truly expert knowledge in management systems, she is equally gifted in her ability to conduct outreach and consultations across an array of diverse stakeholders and guide them to workable, logical solutions."

Terri Larson, Principal, Larson Communication & Consulting

"Coral has a skill set that uniquely positions her to do what many others cannot: she truly can serve as a bridge between the more technical side of a topic, issue or challenge and the need to make it easy for others to understand and respond appropriately."

Marie Rajic, EVP Corporate Affairs, ESG Financial Corp.

"A dynamic, passionate and forward-thinking leader. Strong communication, planning and organizational skills. I was always impressed by Coral's exceptional program management skills and experience ... she gets things done!" 

A few of our clients

We are happy to share examples upon request. Contact us today!

CSA Group

American Petroleum Institute

TC Energy

ENMAX Power Corp.

University of Alberta





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